Privacy Policy

Last Revision: 24-04-2017

The Provider will always undertake the privacy and security of your data seriously.

1. The Customer agrees that personal data (inventory) and other information concerning his/her usage behavior (call data, e.g. time, number and duration of connections, passwords, uploads and downloads) is recorded by the Provider during the contract period. As far as this is necessary for the fulfillment of the contract’s subject, in particular for accounting purposes. As parts of the inventory data, the Customer’s phone numbers are recorded as well in order to secure a fast availability of the Customer in cases of urgent inquiries, to confirm orders and for the general Customer contact. The Customer may contradict this use of his data.

2. The Provider commits himself to provide the Customer by request anytime and free of charge with complete information about the recorded data, as far as it concerns the Customer. The Provider shall neither forward this data nor the contents of private Customer messages to third parties without permission from the Customer. Exceptions to this are legal obligations of the Provider to reveal this data to third parties, particularly government agencies, or when internationally accepted technical standards may call for it and the Customer does not disagree.

3. The Provider expressly points out to the Customer that data protection can not be comprehensively guaranteed for data transfer in open networks like the internet according to the current state of technology. The Customer is aware that due to the technical conditions, the Provider may review anytime the websites stored on the server and further data as the case may be. Other internet users may as well have the technical ability to disturb the network security without authorization and to control the communication traffic. Therefore, the Customer is responsible himself for the security of the data he transfers to the internet.